New location on King Street

Through thick and thin, The Well Nest is still here. I have some very exciting news and I’m so pleased to announce that from August The Well Nest will be located at 85 King Street, Whalley. It’s such a beautiful space, thanks to Dr Natalie and her friendly, all female team. I’m so excited to be able to see my clients face to face again. I prefer to give clients the option of face to face, online or outdoor sessions. Here’s a reminder of what I can help you with: Anxiety Panic

Don't be afraid to ask... 'Are you feeling suicidal?'

Don’t be afraid to use the ‘s’ word when talking with someone who hasn’t been feeling their usual self. Suicide is often a word that people are hesitant and scared to use. Will talking about suicide put an idea in somebody’s head and make them more likely to act on it? No. ‘Are you feeling suicidal?’ ‘Have you been having suicidal thoughts?’ ‘Are you thinking about taking your own life?’ Asking any of those three questions can really help the conversation turn a corner. D